Dell OptiPlex Series

Dell OptiPlex Series

OptiPlex desktop computers from Dell, Inc. aimed at the corporate, government and education markets. The systems typically contain Intel CPUs, beginning with the Pentium and currently with the Core i7 (as of late 2008), although Dell sells some models with AMD CPUs as well. business-oriented components (such as Gigabit Ethernet, which Dell makes available only on its Vostro, Precision, XPS, Latitude, OptiPlex and PowerEdge systems) and software. (Compare Dell's Dimension counterparts.)

Older OptiPlex models (mostly produced in 2003 and 2004), notably the GX270, suffered from frequent failures due to faulty capacitors supplied by Nichicon. These capacitors would bulge and leak, resulting in product failure after only a few years of use. As of June 2010, there is still ongoing litigation regarding this problem, alleging that Dell knew that the computers were likely to fail, and continued to ship them.


OptiPlex is a portmanteau of "opti" (meaning optimal) and "plex" (meaning parts or units.)


The newest OptiPlex models break from Dell's proprietary form factors and follow, for the most part, the ATX standard, usually to the Mini-ITX form factor for SFF computers, and MicroATX form factor for DT and MT computers.

The OptiPlex series comes in various sizes which have evolved as the style of chassis has changed.