ACME GA07 Duplex Gamepad Driver

ACME GA07 Duplex Gamepad is a generic type gamepad that works on all systems from Windows XP up until Windows 10. This Gamepad looks like a clone of a Playstation controller and has all the features too, such as Analogue and Digital controls and rumble. Another interesting thing that I was able to do with this old game pad was plug it into the USB port pf a Playstation 3 and it worked, and also it worked on the USB ports on an airplanes in-flight entertainment system located on the back of the seat. Great gamepad , drivers for configuring the Joypad for Windows are below. It does work without the drivers installed just using the Windows default install drivers, but you don’t get access to rumble or other additional features.


Basic Specs:

Device type: Digital/analog
Net weight: 0.22 kg
Type: Digital/analog gamepad
Joystick: 2 x 360°
USB required: 2.0
8-way D-pad
pushable Buttons: 12 + 4 shoulder buttons
Dual vibration
Cable length: 1.80 m