Thrustmaster HOTAS Cougar N11106 Aircraft F-16 Drivers

The Thrustmaster HOTAS Cougar N11106 Aircraft F-16 was a high-performance flight control system specifically designed for professional flight simulation and training purposes. It featured an advanced analog joystick and throttle unit, both built with high-quality materials and precise mechanisms to ensure accurate control inputs.

The joystick included multiple programmable buttons, switches, and a point-of-view hat for versatile command options. It offered a high degree of sensitivity and precision, allowing users to make fine adjustments during flight maneuvers.

The throttle unit provided smooth and gradual control over engine power, with separate levers for throttle and afterburner functions. It also incorporated buttons and switches for managing various aircraft systems, such as landing gear and flaps.

The HOTAS Cougar supported gameport connectivity which has later be replaced with USB for integration with computer-based flight simulation software. It was compatible with popular flight simulation platforms and offered configurable profiles to adapt to different aircraft and scenarios.