ATI/AMD Catalyst Software Suite 13.9 Windows 7/Vista (64bit & 32bit)

The ATI/AMD Catalyst Software Suite 13.9 for Windows 7/Vista (64bit & 32bit) presented substantial improvements in graphics performance and system stability. Released in 2013, this iteration aimed to refine GPU functionality for Radeon graphics cards, offering enhanced gaming experiences and better multimedia capabilities. It addressed specific bugs and compatibility issues prevalent in earlier versions, ensuring smoother operation with various applications and games. The suite's user-friendly interface empowered users to effortlessly adjust display settings, customize resolutions, colors, and manage multiple monitors. With optimizations like AMD Eyefinity and App Acceleration, it enriched both gaming and general computing experiences, solidifying its status as a reliable driver package.

Display Driver ver.
OpenCL(tm) Driver 10.0.937.2
Catalyst Control Center 2013.0429.2312.39747