AMD Radeon HD 7400m Series Drivers for Windows 10 x64

The AMD Radeon HD 7400m is a GPU that is installed in many notebooks and laptops. This high-powered processor for its time was released back in 2012. If you have a notebook device and have recently upgraded to Windows 10 then you will need to download the drivers for this mobile graphics device to ensure that the device will run with all accelerated capabilities.

The built in the drivers for Windows will allow limited graphics capabilities that will get most people by but don’t expect to be able to play games, or do anything that requires 3D processing.

Basic Specs:

Manufacturer: AMD
Radeon HD 7400M Series:
Codename: Seymour-PRO
Architecture: Terascale 2
Pipelines: 160 - unified
Core Speed: 600 MHz
Memory Speed: 1800 MHz
Memory Bus Width: 64 Bit
Memory Type: DDR3
Shared Memory: no
DirectX: DirectX 11, Shader 5.0
technology: 40 nm