ATI MACH8 Graphics Drivers

The ATI Mach8 was a 2D graphics card that had a whole 1MB of RAM, this was a big deal in 1991 especially when Windows 3.1 was released. The card was a 16bit ISA card but also had some versions that had a MCA slot on the top for older IBM systems.

Install Instructions

This program is used to install ATI driver modules downloaded from the ATI BBS and Compuserve.  It is NOT a replacement for the ATI graphics card configuration utilities and should NOT be placed in your \MACH32, \COMBUTIL, \VGAUTIL, or \8514UTIL directory.

To use this utility, create a new directory on your hard disk (we recommend C:\ATI) and copy LOADER.EXE, README.COM and LHARC.EXE into that directory.

To install a particular ATI driver update, download the appropriate driver module from the ATI BBS or CompuServe and "unzip" it into the same directory (ie C:\ATI).  Make that directory current (CD \ATI) and run LOADER.  The LOADER program will prompt you for any further steps required.