ATI Rage XL 8MB PCI Video Card Driver

Install Instructions

There are two phases to the installation of a driver that has been downloaded from the ATI WEB site.

The first phase occurs when you run the wme-j5-30-1-b02.exe program.

This phase creates a temporary directory on the system disk and unpacks all the individual files that make up the ATI software bundle.

In the second phase the ATI SETUP program is launched from the temporary directory created in the first phase. ATI SETUP installs the software (from the temporary directory) into the operating system.


a) You must download wme-j5-30-1-b02.exe and save it to a directory on your systems hard disk.

For example C:\temp is a common directory used to initially save a file into.


b) Once you have downloaded wme-j5-30-1-b02.exe,

- Close all programs

- Click the START button and select the RUN menu item.

- Click the BROWSE button.

- Browse to the directory where wme-j5-30-1-b02.exe was saved.

- Select wme-j5-30-1-b02.exe and click OK to run the program.

- Follow the instructions on the screen.

! The individual files will be unpacked and placed into a directory on your hard disk. The default path for this directory is C:\ATI\wme-j5-30-1-b02\


! After copying the files to the hard disk the INSTALLATION program will launch.  You may choose to abort the INSTALL process at this point. (If you abort, no software will be installed into Windows.)


Manual Installation instructions after running wme-j5-30-1-b02.exe


- Start Windows.

- Click the START button.

- Click the RUN menu item.

- Click the BROWSE button. Browse to the directory where the files were unpacked after running wme-j5-30-1-b02.exe. (The default directory is C:\ATI\support\wme-j5-30-1-b02)

- Select SETUP.EXE and press OK.

- Follow the instructions displayed in the help.