Blackweb HDMI to USB C Adapter (BWA18WI026) (BWA17HO002)

The Blackweb HDMI to USB C Adapter (BWA18WI026) and the (BWA17HO002) is a versatile connectivity solution allowing HDMI-equipped devices to link with USB-C ports. Supporting high-definition video and audio transfer, it enables seamless content streaming from HDMI sources to USB-C displays or devices. Its compact design ensures portability for on-the-go usage. Though specifics may vary, it typically offers plug-and-play functionality without requiring additional drivers. Offering convenience and compatibility with modern devices, this adapter serves as an efficient bridge between HDMI and USB-C interfaces, facilitating enhanced connectivity and expanded multimedia options for users seeking versatile connectivity solutions.

Connecting this adapter can be an issue if the phone or other device doesn't allow/have USB 3.1+ technology needed to stream video.