Dell HCVMH Pegatron AMD Radeon HD6450 Graphics Drivers

The Dell HCVMH Pegatron AMD Radeon HD6450 is a graphics card designed for desktop computers, offering a balance of performance and affordability. Powered by the AMD Radeon HD6450 GPU, it delivers decent graphics capabilities for tasks such as casual gaming, multimedia streaming, and everyday computing. With 1GB of dedicated video memory, it provides smooth playback of HD videos and supports multiple displays, making it suitable for multi-monitor setups. The HCVMH Pegatron HD6450 is equipped with HDMI, DVI, and VGA outputs, ensuring compatibility with various display devices. It is a reliable choice for users seeking an entry-level graphics solution that offers a noticeable upgrade from integrated graphics.

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Used in these Dell desktop models:

  • OptiPlex 390
  • OptiPlex 790
  • OptiPlex 990