Trident TGUI9440 Graphics Card Drivers

The Trident TGUI9440 Graphics Card, a legacy VGA graphics card from the '90s, offered entry-level performance for its time. Featuring 2D graphics capabilities, it supported resolutions up to 1024x768 pixels, suitable for basic computing tasks and early graphical applications. With limited 3D rendering capacity and lacking hardware acceleration, it struggled with modern graphics demands. Despite its low-cost and common integration in pre-built PCs, its performance constraints made it unsuitable for gaming or intensive graphical workloads. Nonetheless, it served as an accessible option during its era, contributing to early graphical computing experiences before the evolution of more powerful and advanced graphics technologies.

Install Instructions
  1. Go to Windows 95.
  2. Click on the Windows 95 Start button.
  3. Select Settings.
  4. Select Control Panel.
  5. Double click on the Display Icon.
  6. Click the Settings tab.
  7. Click on Change Display Type...
  8. Under "Adapter Type", click Change.
  9. Click Have Disk...
  10. Type the path to where the drivers are located and click O.K. (Example: "A:\" if the files are located on the A drive)
  11. Click O.K.  There should only be one compatible driver listed. If you see more than one driver listed, make sure that the button "Show Compatible Devices" is selected.
  12. Click Close.
  13. Click Apply.
  14. Click Yes to restart Windows 95.