Mad Catz RAT5 Gaming Mouse Drivers (R.A.T. 5)

The Mad Catz RAT5 Gaming Mouse, part of the R.A.T. series, offers customizable features and precision for gamers. With adjustable palm and pinkie rests, interchangeable grips, and customizable weight system, it provides ergonomic comfort and personalization. Sporting a high-resolution sensor and programmable buttons, it delivers precise tracking and responsiveness for gaming. The Mad Catz RAT5 Gaming Mouse Drivers enhance functionality, allowing users to fine-tune settings, customize button assignments, and create profiles tailored to their preferences. With driver support, the RAT5 becomes a versatile tool, empowering gamers to optimize performance and tailor their gaming experience to their liking.

Basic Specs:

Tracking Resolution: 100 to 5600 dpi (in 25 dpi increments)
Acceleration: Up to 50 G
Polling Rate: Dynamic up to 1000 Hz
Tracking Speed: Up to 19.7'/s (6 m/s)
PTFE Feet: Slick
USB Connector: Gold-plated
Cable: Braided