Motospeed V16 Laser Gaming Mouse Driver

The Motospeed V16 Laser Gaming Mouse was a precision gaming peripheral engineered for immersive gaming experiences. Featuring a sleek and ergonomic design, it offered comfortable handling during extended gaming sessions. With its high-precision laser sensor, the V16 delivered responsive and accurate tracking, crucial for competitive gaming. It typically featured customizable DPI settings, allowing users to adjust sensitivity on-the-fly to suit their gaming preferences. With programmable buttons and onboard memory, it offered personalized control and quick access to macros and commands. The V16's durable construction and customizable RGB lighting added aesthetic appeal and enhanced gaming setups. Overall, the Motospeed V16 Laser Gaming Mouse provided gamers with a reliable and customizable tool for dominating in-game.

Basic Specs:
  • Operating voltage: DC 5V ± 5%, working current: ≤ 100mA
  • Resolution: 4000DPI
  • Factory DPI mode: red 500DPI, blue 1000DPI (default), green 1500DPI, purple 2000DPI, orange 30000DPI ,yellow 4000DPI cycle switch
  • SPI sampling time: 2ms (drive adjustable)
  • Refresh rate: 125HZ-250HZ-500HZ (default) -1000Hz
  • Image processing FPS: 12000 frames / second
  • Maximum speed: 150IPS
  • Acceleration: 30g