Rapoo V500 VPRO Wired Keyboard Driver

Rapoo V500 VPRO Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Aluminum Alloy surface cover, LED back-light, Black-Blue switch, also it is spill resistant. Additional software drivers are required to make customization to the keyboard.

The Rapoo V500 VPRO Wired Keyboard is a mechanical marvel, packed with precision and power. With 100 fully programmable keys, it offers unrivaled customization for gamers and professionals alike. Its robust build ensures durability, while the mechanical switches provide a satisfying tactile feedback with each keystroke. Backlit keys illuminate the night, enhancing visibility and style. Anti-ghosting technology prevents key conflicts during intense gaming sessions, granting a competitive edge. The detachable USB cable ensures easy portability and compatibility. Designed for speed and accuracy, the Rapoo V500 VPRO Wired Keyboard is a beast that unleashes your potential, making it a true champion in the world of keyboards.

Basic Specs:

Connection Type: USB cable
USB Type: 3.0
Nano USB Receiver: Plug & Play
Mechanical Keys: 104
Spill-resistant Design: Yes
Multi-color adjustable backlight system: Yes
Key travel distance: 4 mm
Keyboard Aluminum Alloy Surface: Yes
Keyboard Height: 37 mm
Keyboard Width: 434 mm
Keyboard Depth: 131 mm
Keyboard Weight: 805 g
Standard Keyboard Layout: QWERTY
Local Layout Options: Yes


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