Synaptics Pointing Device Driver

The Synaptics Pointing device driver after a re-install of an operating system can become disabled and need re-installing. Also because it is the most common touchpad technology that is installed in Windows based laptops, there is a high chance of becoming a problem if there has been some major changes to the device. OEM’s have packages for different models and we will try to list them below. The best case scenario is to look up the exact model on the manufactures site and downloaded it from there. If you OEM is not supporting your device let us know all the details and we will be happy to find it for you and put it on this page. Unfortunately Synaptics have no drivers for their touchpad devices on their site.

Ubuntu/Debian Linux Users:

If you are having issues with functionality or extra features with a Synaptics Pointing Device, try installing the Synaptics package from the console with this command:

sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-input-synaptics