IDT 92HD87B Chipset

The IDT 92HD87B is an integrated audio codec chip manufactured by IDT (Integrated Device Technology, Inc.), which is now part of Renesas Electronics Corporation. This audio codec is commonly used in laptops, desktop computers, and other devices to handle audio input and output.

Key features of the IDT 92HD87B may include:

  1. High-Definition Audio Support: The chip supports high-definition audio standards, providing better audio quality for both playback and recording.

  2. Multiple Audio Channels: It typically supports multiple audio channels, including stereo and surround sound configurations, making it suitable for a variety of multimedia applications.

  3. Audio Processing: The chip may include various audio processing features such as equalization, noise cancellation, and 3D audio effects to enhance the audio experience.

  4. Digital and Analog Connectivity: It offers digital and analog audio connectivity options, allowing it to interface with a wide range of audio devices, speakers, and microphones.

  5. Compatibility: The IDT 92HD87B is often used in laptops and desktops that run Windows, Linux, or other operating systems, and it is compatible with various audio drivers.

  6. Power Efficiency: It is designed to be power-efficient to minimize energy consumption and heat generation.

It's important to note that the specific features and capabilities of the IDT 92HD87B may vary depending on the device it is integrated into and the manufacturer's implementation. Overall, it plays a crucial role in delivering audio functionality in many computing devices.