Canon CanoScan N670U (F915800) Flatbed Scanner Driver

The CanoScan N670U scanner proves to be an exceptional addition to any home or workplace. With its intelligent and cutting-edge features, it saves valuable time while offering an unbelievably affordable price. Its sleek design enhances the appearance of any desktop, and the results it delivers are simply outstanding.

This flatbed scanner is impressively compact, measuring just over one inch in height, making it one of the smallest in the world. Setting it up and operating it is a breeze, requiring only a single USB connection to any compatible Mac or PC—no need for cumbersome power cords or transformers. With its three external buttons, you can effortlessly scan, copy, or email your images in a single step. It even facilitates easy photo burning onto CDs.

To optimize its remarkable capabilities, such as its 48-bit and 600 x 1200 dpi resolution, offering over 281-trillion colors for vibrant and detailed scans, the accompanying stand allows you to elevate the N670U scanner, freeing up desk space while retaining accessibility. Additionally, Canon's innovative Z-Lid Expansion Top revolutionizes the scanning of bulkier items like books and magazines. Unlike other scanner covers that lift at an angle, causing unevenness, this scanner cover employs a vertical expansion hinge, creating a flat surface to ensure clear and precise scans.



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