Intel C226 Chipset

Intel C226 Chipset

Intel C226 Chipset

The Intel C226 is a chipset designed for Intel's LGA 1150 socket-based motherboards. It is part of the Intel 8 Series chipsets and is particularly intended for use with Intel Xeon E3 v3 and 4th generation Core i3, Core i5, and Core i7 processors. The C226 chipset provides a range of features and capabilities for workstations and small business-oriented systems. Here are some key features and functions associated with the Intel C226 chipset:

  1. Processor Compatibility: The C226 chipset is compatible with Intel Xeon E3 v3 and 4th generation Core processors that use the LGA 1150 socket.

  2. Memory Support: It supports DDR3 memory, including ECC (Error-Correcting Code) memory, which is crucial for workstations and servers where data accuracy is paramount.

  3. PCI Express: The chipset provides multiple PCI Express lanes, allowing for the expansion of graphics cards, storage devices, and other peripherals.

  4. SATA Support: It offers support for multiple SATA 6Gb/s ports, allowing for high-speed storage devices such as SSDs (Solid State Drives).

  5. USB Ports: The chipset includes USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 ports for connecting a variety of external devices.

  6. Integrated Graphics: The C226 chipset does not include integrated graphics; thus, a discrete graphics card is required for video output.

  7. Workstation Features: This chipset includes features such as Intel Virtualization Technology, Intel Active Management Technology (AMT), and ECC memory support, which are particularly important for workstation and server applications.

  8. RAID Support: The chipset typically supports various RAID levels for data redundancy and performance, important for business and server applications.

The Intel C226 chipset was primarily designed for professional and workstation-class motherboards, providing the necessary features and capabilities to support the demands of business, small-scale server, and workstation environments. Please note that technology evolves, and the chipset's features may vary slightly depending on the specific motherboard design and manufacturer.