Intel® HM86 Chipset

Intel® HM86 Chipset

Intel® HM86 Chipset

The Intel® HM86 Chipset is part of Intel's mobile chipset family designed for laptops and other mobile computing devices. It is a part of the 8 Series chipsets and offers a range of features suitable for mainstream laptops. Below are key aspects of the Intel HM86 Chipset:

Processor Compatibility:

  • The HM86 chipset is compatible with 4th generation Intel Core processors for mobile platforms, including Core i7, Core i5, Core i3, Pentium, and Celeron CPUs.

Memory Support:

  • Supports DDR3L and DDR3 memory technologies.
  • Provides a maximum of two memory channels with a maximum memory size of 16GB.

PCI Express Support:

  • Features PCI Express 2.0 support for connecting peripherals like graphics cards, storage devices, and networking cards.

USB and SATA Connectivity:

  • USB 3.0 support for fast data transfer rates with compatible peripherals.
  • SATA 3.0 (6Gb/s) support for high-speed connectivity to storage devices.

Integrated Graphics:

  • While the HM86 chipset itself does not have integrated graphics, laptops using this chipset may support integrated graphics on compatible processors.

Display Support:

  • Offers support for multiple displays through HDMI, DisplayPort, or VGA outputs.

Expansion Slots:

  • Supports a variety of PCI Express slots for accommodating additional components like discrete graphics cards or other expansion cards.

Intel® Rapid Storage Technology (Intel RST):

  • Provides improved storage performance, support for RAID configurations, and enhanced data protection.

Intel® Small Business Advantage (Intel SBA):

  • A suite of manageability and security features for small businesses.

Intel® Smart Response Technology:

  • Allows users to configure a small SSD as a cache for a larger HDD, improving system responsiveness.

Intel® Gigabit Ethernet:

  • Integrated Intel Gigabit Ethernet controller for reliable and high-speed networking.

Security Features:

  • May include security features to protect against cyber threats.

The Intel HM86 Chipset is designed to offer a balance of performance and power efficiency for mainstream laptops. It caters to the needs of users who seek a reliable and versatile mobile computing experience. As always, specific features can vary between laptop models, so it's advisable to review the specifications of individual laptops to understand the complete set of features associated with the Intel HM86 Chipset.