EPOMAKER EP84 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Drivers

The EPOMAKER EP84 is a mechanical gaming keyboard that combines functionality and style. Featuring a compact 84-key layout, it provides a space-saving design without compromising on performance. The keyboard utilizes high-quality mechanical switches, offering a satisfying tactile feedback and responsive keystrokes, making it ideal for gamers and typists alike. Its RGB backlighting allows for customizable lighting effects, enhancing the visual appeal and creating an immersive gaming experience. With programmable macros and hotkeys, users can personalize their keyboard for efficient workflow and gaming shortcuts. Constructed with durable materials, the EPOMAKER EP84 ensures long-lasting durability. Whether for gaming or productivity, this mechanical keyboard delivers a satisfying and reliable typing experience.

Basic Specs:
  • Hotswappable Gateron Switch
  • 84 Keys Compact Mechanical Keyboard
  • Ergonomics and NKRO
  • 12 RGB Effects and 7 Single Color Available
  • PBT Dye-subbed Keycaps for Mac/Win/Gamers