Lite-On (also spelled: LiteOn and LiteON) is a conglomerate of individual companies (primarily Taiwanese) that primarily manufacture consumer electronics, including LEDs, semiconductors, computer chassis, monitors, motherboards, DVD & CD devices, and other electronic components. The Lite-On group also consists of some non-electronic companies like a finance arm and a cultural company.

Lite-On Group is the parent organization for all individual Lite-On divisions and companies. Each division is independent and made of quasi-independent companies

Lite-On was started in 1975 by several Taiwanese ex-Texas Instruments employees. The original line of business was optical products (LEDs). They then branched out into computer power supplies by starting the Power Conversion Division. Other divisions/companies were soon to follow.

In 1983 Lite-On Electronics issued initial public offering as the first technology company listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange with Stock Code 2301.

In 2006 Lite-On IT Corporation acquired BenQ Corporation's Optical Disk Drive Business to become one of the top 3 ODD manufacturers in the world.

On April 29, 2008 the transfer of the Parent Company’s Digital Display Business Unit (DDBU) to Wistron Corporation


Lite-On, for the most part, manufactures only OEM parts (computer power supplies, CD/DVD drives, chassis, motherboards, LCD monitors, keyboards, modems and networking products). These parts are labeled with the OEM's name and sold by the OEM.

Lite-On does manufacture and retail some products under their own name, LEDs and CD/DVD products.

Lite-On also manufactures the current(2010) Xbox 360 DVD drives.