Microphone Test

If prompted click allow, this is not sending audio to us it only tests the browsers connectivity with the microphone.


  1. Hit "Record" and read the sample sentence below.
  2. Play the clip back to yourself to see if you are actually intelligible.
  • Make sure your microphone isn’t muted in the computers settings
  • Try to use the latest browers Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Edge etc for best results.

An online microphone test is a tool or website that allows users to evaluate and assess the functionality and quality of their microphone. It provides a convenient and user-friendly platform to check if the microphone is properly connected and functioning as expected. Users can typically access the test by visiting the designated website or using specific software. During the test, users are prompted to speak or make sounds into the microphone, and the tool captures the audio input. The test may include features such as volume level detection, background noise assessment, and audio playback for users to hear the recorded sound and evaluate its clarity and quality. It serves as a helpful tool for troubleshooting microphone issues, adjusting settings, and ensuring optimal performance for various applications such as online meetings, voice recording, and voice chat.