Conexant-Ambit PCI SoftK56 Data,Fax Modem Driver

Basic Specs:
  • Transmission Line: RJ11 / RJ12
  • 56K data/Fax modem with PCI interface
  • Compatibility: AT and extended AT command set
  • Compliant with V.90 v.92,and V.42/V.42bis/MNP5 protocols
  • Compliant with V.17,V.29 and V.27ter Group3 fax protocols
  • Up to 56K data download,48K data upload,and 14.4K fax communication
  • Provide Quick connect and Modem-on-Hold features
  • Support Auto-Dial, Tone and pulase dialing, Auto answer,Auto retrain
  • Support Caller ID and distinctive ring detect, Auto format/speed sensing
  • Data/Fax/Voice call discrimination, Single configuration profile stored in Host,call forward/fallback