USRobotics USR5638 PCI-e Modem Drivers

The USRobotics USR5638 is a super companion for use in public spaces, offices or homes. With the PC hardware drivers available for this USRobotics modem, you can make use of all of its features using your personal computer. This modem is quick, so you can download all your applications, photos, and documents in mere moments. The USRobotics USR5638 consumes less power and eliminates the need for cables, thanks to its interchangeable internal card design. With support for PCI and PCI Express interfaces, this USRobotics modem is easily installable, which means you are able to place it into your computer and get back to work as soon as possible. You can access your favorite Internet service provider from anywhere with a phone line because this modem has dial-up compatibility. Plus, as the USRobotics USR5638 has support for ITU Group 3, ITU V.29, ITU V.17, and ITU V.27ter fax systems, you can connect to fax machines directly.