OEM Manufactures Websites

Acer: Acer Driver Support

Asus: Asus Driver Support

Apple: Apple Driver Support

Dell: Dell Driver Support

Hewett Packard : HP Driver Support

IBM: IBM Driver Support

Lenovo: Lenovo Driver Support

Microsoft: Microsoft Driver Support

Samsung: Samsung Driver Support

Sony: Sony Driver Support

Toshiba: Toshiba Driver Support

When it comes to looking for OEM drivers for your electronic devices whether it is a laptop, desktop or a printer etc. you are always best to download the latest drivers directly for the manufactures website, even though we have a collection of drivers on this site, always use the makers website first if you can still get support. The OEM's websites do have software for diagnosing your computer that work great but be aware of other driver websites that try to convince you to download 3rd party tools that scan your computer for the drivers, because the vast majority of them install software that can really mess your computer up, or will ask you for a fee to install drivers. These websites take advantage of people desperate to fix their computer and know how to trap them with misleading driver diagnostic software. We will never take part in any of these schemes and will try to give you a direct link to the driver that you need.