Gear Head CDSL07U2S LightScribe DVD-RW Writer

The Gear Head CDSL07U2S LightScribe DVD-RW Writer combines versatile DVD read/write capabilities with LightScribe technology for personalized disc labeling. Offering reliable CD and DVD burning at competitive speeds, it enables seamless data storage and media creation. Its LightScribe functionality allows direct disc labeling, delivering professional-looking, etched labels without adhesive. The compact, sleek design ensures portability and compatibility with various systems. With plug-and-play ease via USB, it suits both personal and professional use, providing an efficient solution for users seeking a reliable DVD writer with the added feature of direct disc labeling through LightScribe technology.

To run this software successfully on Windows 11 and 10 you will need to use Compatibility mode to install the software, you can learn more about that here: Running Programs in Compatibility Mode on Windows 10/11