Matshita DVD-RAM UJ8HC Driver

Before tech manufacture Panasonic started using the name Panasonic for branding on many optical drives its products bore the Matsushita nameplate. The UJ8HC DVD RAM drive is  branded as Matshita and sometimes both Matshita Panasonic, this optical drive is used in the vast majority of laptop/notebook made by HP, Sony, Acer and others.

The technical specs of this device can read CD-ROMs at 24x, and reading speed for DVD-ROMs was 8x.

After some upgrades and fresh installs of Windows users have had issues getting the MATSHITA DVD+-RW UJ8HC to be recognized or function. The drivers below are the best way to fix this issue.

The Matshita UJ8HC DVD Rewriter features a 8x DVD+R write speed, 24x CD-R write speed and supports M-DISC for superior reliability in data storage. Designed for storage needs that demand consistency, Matshita UJ8HC drives read and write in CD, DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD RAM formats giving you the option to choose the media best suited for each task.

Basic Specs:
  • 8x DVD±R
  • 6x DVD±R DL
  • 8x DVD+RW
  • 6x DVD-RW
  • Half inch height ( 9.5mm ) standard design with SATA Interface
  • Buffer underrun prevention
  • Supporting disc-at-once, session-at-once, packet write, incremental,
    over write, track-at-once recording mode, sequential write, multi-session,
    and back ground format
  • Horizontal and vertical mounting for most system configuration
Full Specs/Additional configurations
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 Technical Specifications
Write Speed
( Max Speed ): DVD+R 8x ( CAV )
DVD+R DL 6x ( ZCLV )
DVD-R 8x ( CAV )
DVD-R DL 6x ( ZCLV )
DVD+RW 8x ( ZCLV )
DVD-RW 6x ( ZCLV )
CD-R 24x ( CAV )
US 24x ( ZCLV )
HS 10x ( CLV )
MS 4x ( CLV)
Read Speed
( Max Speed ): DVD-ROM 8x ( CAV )
DVD±R 8x ( CAV )
DVD+R DL ( Finalized Disc ) 8x ( CAV )
DVD-R DL ( Finalized Disc ) 6x ( CAV )
DVD±RW 8x ( CAV )
DVD-RAM ( 4.7G ) 5x ( ZCLV )
CD-ROM 24x ( CAV )
CD-R/RW 24x ( CAV )
CD-DA ( DAE ) 24x ( CAV )
Disc Diameter: 12cm, 8cm
Interface: SATA
Data Transfer Rate: 480M bps at high speed,
12M bps at full speed
Access Time: 200ms ( typ )
Data Buffer: 2MB
Loading Mechanism: Drawer Type
Environmental Condition:  
Ambient Temperature: Operating 5 to 45°C
Non Operating -20 to 60°C
Transportation -40 to 65°C
Ambient Humidity: Operating 8 to 80%
( non-condensing ) *
Non Operating 5 to 95%
( non-condensing ) *
Transportation 5 to 95%
( non-condensing ) *
Power Requirements: DC5V±5%
Current Consumption: Standby / Sleep 150mA
( Average current max )
During starting / Seek 1500mA
( Max, Spikes less 1ms )
MTBF: 60,000POH ( 10% duty )
Safety / EMI Standards: UL, CUL, TUV, CB, CE and BSMI
Dimensions: 128.0W x 9.5H x 129.4D ( mm )
Mass ( Weight ): 160g or less
RoHS: Complied