Mitsumi FX-IDE ATAPI CD-ROM Driver (FX800/810)

Install Instructions


      To install your CD-ROM drive for use with MS-DOS, you need:

      * An  IBM personal computer  or  compatible  with 80386  or  later
        processor chip and a minimum of 640K of conventional memory.
      * A CD-ROM drive (included).
      * CD-ROM installation disk (included).
      * MS-DOS Version 3.1 or later.
      * Microsoft MS-DOS CD-ROM Extensions(MSCDEX.EXE).

      Note: Microsoft MS-DOS CD-ROM Extensions(MSCDEX.EXE)  enables  the
            computer to access the CD-ROM drive.   MSCDEX.EXE must exist
            in your system in advance.

                  |   WHAT'S ON THE INSTALLATION DISK?     |

      The installation disk contains  all the software needed to install
      and  operate  the  CD-ROM.  A  list  of  the  files  and  a  brief
      description of each follows:

      MTMCDAI.SYS     CD-ROM device driver.
      MTMCDAI.386     Windows virtual device driver.
      SETUPD.EXE      CD-ROM installation program which tells the CD-ROM
                      driver how you want it organized.
      READMEA.ENG     Text file is written by English. (This text file.)
      READMEA.GER     Text file is written by German.
      READMEA.FRE     Text file is written by French.
      READMEA.SPA     Text file is written by Spanish.
      READMEA.ITA     Text file is written by Italian.
      READMEA.JPN     Text file is written by Japanese.

                |     CD-ROM DEVICE DRIVER INSTALLATION      |

      Certain software programs  must be loaded in order to access a CD-
      ROM disc  in your CD-ROM drive  as  if it were an MS-DOS formatted
      disk. The CD-ROM software files must be properly installed in your
      computer before the CD-ROM drive can read a CD-ROM disc.

      The procedure for installation is as follow:

      1. Insert the supplied installation disk into drive A (or B).

      2. Type A: (or B:) and press ENTER to select drive A (or B).

      3. At the DOS prompt A:\ (or B:\), type SETUPD and press ENTER.
         (Run the program SETUPD.EXE on the disk.)

      4. Follow the instructions on the screen.

      5. Reboot your system when it completes successfully.

                       |   DEVICE DRIVER PARAMETERS   |

      The MTMCDAI.SYS file is device driver that can be installed in the
      directory of your choice. The CONFIG.SYS file specifies this file,
      thereby allowing your computer to identify  and operate the CD-ROM
      drive. This device driver can support up to 8 drives.

      Most computers will function adequately  with most of the  default
      settings for this file.   However,  there are some parameters that
      can be changed, if necessary.  This section explains  the function
      of each parameter. Use a text editor, such as MS-DOS "EDLIN",  or
      "EDIT" to modify the appropriate line in your CONFIG.SYS file.

      For the MTMCDAI.SYS device driver,  the line  in CONFIG.SYS is  in
      the following format.

              /D:device-name [/P:xxx,yy] [/A:n] [/U:n] [/L:xx]

      Note: The actual device driver entry is not  truncated  and should
            be placed entirely on one line in the CONFIG.SYS file.

          Specifies  the location (drive and directory) and  name of the
          device driver file.

          Specifies  the device name  of  the CD-ROM drive (8 characters
          maximum).  This must be identical to the device name specified
          in the MSCDEX.EXE parameters. For example:


          Specifies the IDE port that is connected to the drive, and the
          interrupt request.

          'xxx' should be the base address of IDE port.
                xxx = 1f0 : Primary(Channel 1)
                      170 : Secondary(Channel 2)
                      1e8 : Channel 3
                      168 : Channel 4
          'yy' should be the interrupt channel.
                yy =  14       : Primary(Channel 1)
                      15 or 10 : Secondary(Channel 2)
                      12 or 11 : Channel 3
                      10 or  9 : Channel 4

          Only  when the CD-ROM drives are connected to the primary port
          using  interrupt channel 14  and/or  the secondary port  using
          interrupt  channel 15  is  it  unnecessary  to  specify  a  /P

          For example,  when eight drives has been connected, the syntax
          in the CONFIG.SYS file should be as follows:

              /D:MTMIDE01 /P:1f0,14 /P:170,15 /P:1e8,12 /P:168,10

          Note: The actual  device driver  entry  is  not truncated  and
                should be placed entirely  on one line in the CONFIG.SYS

          Specifies the audio play mode.   For a stereo CD, /A:0 or /A:1
          is acceptable. For a monaural CD (left or right channel only),
          /A:1 will play  the monaural audio signal  from both the right
          and the left channels. Default is n=0.

          Specifies the door lock or unlock.  /U:0 is 'unlock'.  /U:1 is
          'lock'. Default is n=0.

          Specifies  the  message language.   Applicable language is  as

              'xx' = US : English (This is default.)
                     GR : German
                     FR : French
                     SP : Spanish
                     IT : Italian
                     JP : Japanese

          If you want English,  you do not have to specify.  If you want
          the other language,  the syntax in the CONFIG.SYS file  should
          be as follows:


                |          REGARDING MTMCDAI.386          |

      If you use Windows with 32-bit Disk Access enabled, you should use
      MTMCDAI.386 (only same IDE port with hard disk).
      Setup  program  will help you install automatically.
      If  you want to  install  manually,  the following line  should be
      added in [386enh] section of SYSTEM.INI file.


      Known Problem: The this driver  does not work  correctly under the
                     following configuration.
                     * Windows for Workgroups 3.11
                               32-bit Disk Access enable
                               32-bit File Access enable
                     * Compressed hard disk by software (DBLSPACE,STACKER...)

                     You should disable either 32-bit Disk Access or
                     32-bit File Access.

                |          REGARDING SMARTDRV             |

      SMARTDRV attached to MS-DOS 6.2 (PC-DOS 6.3) or later  is supposed
      to CD-ROM caching.  If CD-ROM caching is enabled,  it is  possible
      that CD-ROM does not work properly.(such as Photo CD)
      In this case,  you should add  the following  /U switch to disable
      CD-ROM caching.

              SMARTDRV.EXE /U


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      IBM  is  a registerd trademark  of International Business Machines

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