ENE-1410 PCMCIA Cardbus to PCI Adapter

Drivers unfortunately only are 32bit, and as the last developed driver was Windows XP so there may be some chance of compatibility in Windows Vista/7 but from one users experience this is unlikely,

All Model numbers for this device

Installed in the following Toshiba models:

Satellite A105-S2101
Satellite A105-S2121
Satellite A105-S2131
Satellite A105-S2141
Satellite A105-S2181
Satellite A105-S2194
Satellite A105-S2201
Satellite A105-S2204
Satellite A105-S2211
Satellite A105-S2224
Satellite A105-S2231
Satellite M115-S1061
Satellite M115-S1064
Satellite M115-S1071
Satellite M115-S1074