CAPT Printer Driver & Utilities for macOS (14/13/12/11/10.15~10.13)

The CAPT Printer Driver & Utilities for Mac is a Canon proprietary software package designed to facilitate seamless printing with Canon's CAPT (Canon Advanced Printing Technology) printers on macOS systems. It provides essential drivers and utilities, ensuring compatibility and optimal performance for Canon CAPT printers. Offering a user-friendly interface, it allows configuration of printer settings, paper handling, and resolution adjustments. This software enables efficient communication between the Mac operating system and Canon CAPT printers, enhancing print quality, speed, and overall printing experience, catering to users seeking reliable and feature-rich printing solutions specifically tailored for Canon printers on their Mac devices.

All Model numbers for this device

LBP6020 (Serial numbers : MTNA002001 - MTNA999999)
LBP6020B (Serial numbers : MTMA002001 - MTMA999999)
LBP6200d (Serial numbers : MTPA00001 - MTPA99999)
LBP6310dn (Serial numbers : MTLA002001 - MTLA999999)
LBP7010C (Serial numbers : MTQA00001 - MTQA99999)
LBP7018C (Serial numbers : MTRA00001 - MTRA99999)
LBP7210Cdn (Serial numbers : MTKA002001 - MTKA999999)