Canon PIXMA G2411 Printer Drivers

The Canon PIXMA G2411 is a reliable all-in-one printer designed for home and small office use. It comes with a high-yield ink tank system that can print up to 7,000 color pages and up to 12,000 black and white pages before needing a refill. With its compact design, the G2411 is easy to fit into tight spaces. It comes equipped with a flatbed scanner for easy document and image scanning. Additionally, the G2411 has a range of connectivity options including USB, allowing users to easily print from their computers or mobile devices. Overall, the Canon PIXMA G2411 is a cost-effective and efficient printing solution for those who print frequently.

Basic Specs:

What does ink cartridges does the Canon PIXMA G2411 Printer use?

  • GI-490  - Black
  • GI-490  - Cyan
  • GI-490  - Magenta
  • GI-490  - Yellow