Canon Scanner Driver & Utilities V2.15.14 for macOS 14/13/12/11/10.15~10.13

The Canon Scanner Driver & Utilities for Mac V2.15.14 offered seamless scanning capabilities and utility management for Canon scanners on macOS systems. This comprehensive software suite streamlined scanning workflows, providing an array of tools for efficient scanning, document management, and image processing. Supporting various Canon scanner models, it enabled users to easily initiate scans, adjust settings, and manage scanned documents. Its user-friendly interface facilitated diverse scanning tasks, from basic document scans to more intricate image adjustments. Regular updates ensured compatibility with macOS updates, addressing security and stability concerns, solidifying its role as an essential tool for Mac users reliant on Canon scanners.

Full Specs/Additional configurations
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Supported Canon Products (MF Toolbox compatible)

imageRUNNER C1225 Series*
imageRUNNER C1325 Series*
imageRUNNER C1335*
imageRUNNER 1133 Series*
imageRUNNER 1435 Series*
imageRUNNER 2002 Series*
imageRUNNER 2004 Series*
imageRUNNER 2202 Series*
imageRUNNER 2204 Series*
D400 Series
D500 Series
D1100 Series
D1300 Series*
LC600 Series*
MF210 Series*
MF220 Series*

MF240 (Wasn't included in this list but was a download for it on canon's site.
MF810C Series*
MF820C Series*
MF4010 Series
MF4300 Series
MF4400 Series*
MF4400w Series*
MF4500 Series*
MF4500w Series*
MF4600 Series
MF4700 Series*
MF4800 Series*
MF5800 Series
MF5900 Series*
MF6100 Series*
MF6600 Series
MF6700 Series*
MF6800 Series*
MF8000 Series*
MF8000C Series*
MF8200C Series*
MF8300 Series*
MF8300C Series*
MF8500C Series*
The driver supports the network connection.