Canon Super G3 Printer Driver

What is Canon Super G3 ?

Super G3 is a phrase used to describe the new generation of fax machines that use ITU-T V.34 standard 33.6Kbps* modems. Super G3 High Speed Fax machines allow transmission time of approximately 3 seconds* per page which results in reduced telephone line charges.

As this term Super G3 gets confused as the model of the printer, remember this is only the fax technology and it has been around for 20+ years.

For example the LASER CLASS 3170/3175 uses Super G3 Technology for sending and receiving Faxes, we will try to list as many devices as we can below that use this technology.

So remember Super G3 is fax feature not a model.

You only need the FAX drivers if you are sending a fax to the printer from the computer. If you wan the fax driver for your model and we don't have it, message us on facebook and we will put it up in 24hrs.