Epson FX-870 Printer Drivers

The Epson FX-870 Printer was a dot matrix printer released in the early 1990s, renowned for its reliability and robust performance. With a sturdy build and efficient dot matrix technology, it offered reliable printing for various business needs. Sporting a 9-pin printhead, it provided a maximum resolution of 240x144 dots per inch (dpi), ensuring clear and crisp output for text-based documents and simple graphics. Its ability to handle multipart forms and continuous paper made it a preferred choice for businesses requiring continuous printing tasks. The FX-870 boasted versatility in paper handling, supporting various paper types and sizes. Despite advancements in printer technology, the FX-870's durability and ability to handle high-volume printing tasks left a lasting impression, making it a trusted workhorse in its time and a testament to Epson's commitment to quality and reliability.

According to Epson: Please have your Windows 3.1 installation disks available as the printer driver requires the "unidrv.dll" file to complete the installation.

Additional Drivers: