EPSON Print Driver Ver.12.62 (macOS 14/13/12/11/10.15~10.6)

Check models list before install.

The EPSON Print Driver Ver.12.62 for macOS 14 to 10.6 provides comprehensive compatibility for a wide range of EPSON printers, ensuring seamless printing functionality on various macOS versions. With support for macOS 14 to 10.6, this driver caters to a broad user base, offering stability and performance enhancements. It simplifies the printing process, allowing users to maximize the capabilities of their EPSON printers. The driver ensures efficient communication between the printer and macOS devices, providing users with a reliable and user-friendly printing experience across different operating system versions, reinforcing EPSON's commitment to delivering quality and convenience to its users.

All Model numbers for this device

M205 Series
M200 Series
M105 Series
M100 Series
L555 Series
L550 Series
L355 Series
L350 Series
L300 Series
L210 Series
L110 Series
ET-14000 Series
L1800 Series
L1300 Series
L120 Series
L655 Series
ET-4550 Series
L850 Series
L810 Series
L456 Series
L455 Series
L566 Series
L565 Series
L366 Series
L365 Series
L364 Series
L362 Series
L360 Series
L312 Series
L310 Series
L222 Series
L220 Series
L132 Series
L130 Series
L805 Series
L605 Series
ET-3600 Series
L495 Series
L486 Series
L485 Series
L395 Series
L386 Series
L385 Series
L382 Series
L380 Series
ET-2650 Series
ET-2600 Series
L405 Series
L396 Series
L3050 Series
L3060 Series
L3070 Series
ET-2610 Series
ET-4500 Series
ET-2550 Series
ET-2500 Series
L575 Series
L475 Series
L375 Series