Ensoniq/Creative AudioPCI ES1372/ES1370 Driver

The Ensoniq AudioPCI ES1372 and ES1370 are sound card chips produced by Ensoniq, a company later acquired by Creative Technology. These chips were commonly used in sound cards during the late 1990s and early 2000s. Here are some key features and details about these audio chips:

  1. Audio Quality: The ES1372 and ES1370 chips provided 16-bit audio quality and offered decent sound quality for their time.

  2. DOS Compatibility: They were known for their excellent compatibility with DOS-based games and applications, which was a critical factor during an era when DOS gaming was prevalent.

  3. Wavetable Synthesis: Some versions of sound cards using these chips featured Wavetable Synthesis, which improved the quality of MIDI music playback by using sampled instrument sounds.

  4. Sound Blaster Compatibility: Ensoniq's AudioPCI chips were often used in sound cards that also provided compatibility with Creative Labs' Sound Blaster standards, making them compatible with a wide range of software and games.

  5. PCI Interface: These chips utilized the PCI (Peripheral Component Interconnect) interface, which was becoming the standard for connecting hardware devices to computer motherboards at the time.

  6. Limited 3D Audio Support: While they were primarily designed for 2D audio and music playback, they had limited support for 3D audio, which was an emerging technology in the late 1990s.

  7. Later Creative Ownership: Ensoniq was acquired by Creative Technology, and the technology from these chips influenced later Creative sound card products, including the popular Sound Blaster Live! series.

  8. Legacy Status: Like many older sound card technologies, the Ensoniq/Creative AudioPCI ES1372/ES1370 is considered outdated today, as modern motherboards often integrate more advanced audio solutions. However, these chips hold nostalgia value for those who used sound cards from that era.