15 Second ADB Install Download

Usually when installing the software to access an Android smartphone via USB the Android SDK needs to be installed which is well over 100MB and can for some people be a time-consuming experience depending on the internet connection and hard disk space available on the computer. So an XDA forum member called Snoop05 created a package that is just a under 9MB that does exactly what you need in less time and size. Original link from this package is here: XDA Developers

In order to root an Android based phone, unlock the bootloader or flash a customized ROM/alternative operating system such as Postmarket, Sailfish or Ubuntu Touch you will need to have ADB drivers and software installed.

Full Specs/Additional configurations
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Common ADB Commands.

adb shell - launches a shell on the device
adb push <local> <remote> - pushes the file <local> to <remote>
adb pull <remote> [<local>] - pulls the file <remote> to <local>. If <local> isn’t specified, it will pull to the current folder.
adb logcat - allows you to view the device log in real-time. You can use adb logcat -b radio to view radio logs, and adb logcat -C to view logs in colour
adb install <file> - installs the given .apk file to your device

Install Instructions

1. Run it (Require administrator privileges)
2. Press Y/Yes to install ADB and Fastboot or N/No to skip
3. Press Y/Yes to install ADB system-wide or N/No for current user only
4. Press Y/Yes to install Drivers or N/No to skip
5. Continue Driver installation
6. 15 seconds passed - finished!