AWARD Bios Beep Codes

Below are is the beep codes for the diagnosis of Award BIOS on older motherboards.

1 short beep - System booting sucessfully.
2 short beeps - CMOS setting error.
1 long - 1 short beeps - Memory Error.
1 long - 2 short beeps - VGA card or monitor connect problem
1 long - 3 short beeps - Keyboard Error
1 long - 9 short beeps - ROM Error
Long continuous beep - Memory not installed correctly.
Short continuous beep - Power supply has problem.
Trouble Shooting
* Check the power supply - is it supplying power to the motherboard?
* Next, make sure all components and properly installed/fixed.
Usual suspects: CPU, BIOS chip, memory chips, etc.
* Next, check your components and user's manual: are all jumpers set
* Remove all cards except the video adapter to make sure no other cards
are causing the problem.
* If this works, try to identify the card causing the problem.
* If none of the above works, contact your dealer or FIC support.
* Try reseating the memory (take it off and install it again).
If the error still occurs, replace the memory with known good chips.
* If you hear fatal beeps, the motherboard needs repair/servicing.
* If the error persists, check parts of the system relating to the
keyboard, e.g. try another keyboard, check to see if the system has a
keyboard fuse.
Try reseating the keyboard controller chip.
If the error still occurs, replace the keyboard chip.
* Memory error on the video adapter.
Replace the video card or the memory on the video card.
* Faulty BIOS chip.
Consult a distributor of Flash EPROM chips that can be used with the

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