Change Windows XP Taskbar Size

Microsoft Windows XP gives us flexibility to access the Internet and perform other tasks very easily and more conveniently. There are times when we have numerous programs, documents and folders kept open on the desktop, all at the same time. We will be able to see a stack of such programs and it can look really messy. If a particular program is immersed in a stack, we can click on its Taskbar to bring it above the heap of programs. Using Windows XP help we can change and adjust the size of the Taskbar.

With Windows XP help, Taskbar can be customized to resize icons and determine the number of icons displayed on every row. We can alter the Taskbar in the properties window by using the mouse to drag and drop the width and height of the taskbar. The instructions given below will show you how to adjust the size of the taskbar.


  • Get started by right clicking on the Taskbar to select Properties. You can find this on the popup menu. Usually, a dialogue window gets opened by the popup menu
  • Now undo the checkmark that you can view next to Lock the Taskbar
  • Select OK for saving the settings made
  • Sizing of the Taskbar will be prevented by this option, so you are required to unlock it prior to the customization of the taskbar’s size
  • The next step is done by bringing the cursor to the top of the Taskbar. Now you will see

Up and down arrow icons.

  • The vertical size of the Taskbar can be altered up or down by clicking on the left mouse button
  • Drift  the mouse towards the left side of the border line in the Taskbar which is found next to the Start button
  • Use the mouse to horizontally alter the Taskbar
  • Select Properties by right clicking on the Taskbar
  • You can now see a box named Lock the Taskbar. Place a check mark in the box. This is for locking the new changes made firmly in place.

With Windows XP help and the above mentioned instructions, you can make the desired changes to your Windows XP Taskbar size. Now you can see that like everything else, we can customize Taskbar also on Windows XP as per our choice and requirements. By getting a full control on the Taskbar menu, we can make timely changes to all the icons found on our computer screen.