Details Regarding Drivers Of Windows 8 For Dell

Dell is a company who produces computers, notebooks etc. and there are many satisfied customers for them across the globe. For giving a good experience on Dell hardware to the users, Dell has been working efficiently with Microsoft over the years. For this purpose Microsoft grouped up a few highly qualified professionals to design and develop drivers required for all the devices and this helped Microsoft to shape up Windows 8 operating system with all the essential drivers. Well in this article I’m going to explain about the Windows 8 drivers support in Dell hardware. Kindly read the following paragraph to know more.

Regarding the support

For making it available to all Dell users, Microsoft has incorporated a “driver Inbox” from where you can download all the drivers that is needed for your Windows 8 operating system. Therefore you need not want to download these drivers manually by navigating to the website of Dell; in fact you can get it from the Driver Inbox. This saves your valuable time and makes the support task so easier. All the drivers required for the devices available in the tech market have been integrated into the Windows 8 operating system.  On the contrary, whether it’s Microsoft or a third party manufacturer they will have to make modifications to the support feature of their devices as per the drivers designed in the windows 8 for enhanced user experience.

Besides 11G and 10G servers, it has been possible to successfully install the Microsoft Developer of Windows 8 on the ninth generation Power Edge servers. Also you can download these updated Windows 8 drivers from the website Given below are some of the drivers that are offered for the Windows Server 8 Developer Preview. Read it and know about it.

Network related

Windows 8 and its drivers in Dell computers

Broadcom NetXtreme II 10GbE Controller.

• Broadcom NetXtreme I & II Gigabit family.

• Intel 10GbE Ethernet Family of Server Adapters.

• Brocade 10GbE Ethernet Adapter.

• Intel Gigabit Family of Server Adapters.

Storage related

Dell™ SAS RAID 5 and 6 families.

• Dell Internal tape adapters.

• Dell™ PowerEdge™ RAID Controller (PERC) 5, 6, 7 families.

• Dell Compellent, EqualLogic and PowerVault Storage family.



Brocade 4G/ 8G/ 10G/ 16G Fiber Channel/FCoE series adapters.

• Emulex LightPulse 8GB (PCIe 2.0) /4GB (PCIe 1.0a) /2GB (PCIe 1.0) Dell adapters.

• QLogic 246x and 256x Fiber Channel series Dell adapters.

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