Resolve problems with digital camera not recognized in Windows 8 by reinstalling Windows

Ever since the release of the Windows 8 developer preview, information regarding Windows 8 drivers has started coming in. Most of the major computer manufacturers have already included Windows 8 drivers for their PC’s/ laptop’s so that users can have a better experience while testing the developer preview. After testing the developer preview, software testers have encountered problems while trying to transfer pictures from a digital camera. This problem is encountered because of some issues with the Windows 8 drivers. Device drivers are key components which facilitate the communication between hardware devices and its respective software. So in order to resolve this issue, the Windows help team recommends reinstalling the device drivers. You can do this with the help of a utility named “Device manager” which is inbuilt in Windows 8.  In this article, you will find details on re-installing Windows 8 drivers.

As I said before, issues with Windows 8 drivers might be the reason for this problem. However the Windows help team recommends that you check a few things before arriving at a conclusion. Make sure your digital camera is turned on and is connected properly to the PC or laptop. Also check whether the USB port you are using is working fine.

Once you have confirmed that the problems is caused by the Windows 8 drivers, then you can try re-installing Windows 8 drivers following the instructions mentioned below.

Instructions to reinstall Windows 8 drivers

  1. Start off this procedure to reinstall Windows 8 drivers by opening the device manager.
  2. Then, right click on the device and select “Uninstall”. Wait for the un-installation process to complete.
  3. Finally end this procedure to reinstall drivers by selecting “Scan for hardware changes” option in the action menu. This will reinstall the drivers.

That’s all with reinstalling Windows 8 drivers.