Get The Correct Windows 8 Drivers

Drivers act as a communication medium between the operating system and attached devices of your computer. You should have the correct drivers installed on your computer to maintain the functionality of the computer. If you have upgraded or purchased a Windows 8 computer, it is an ideal step to check if you have installed the correct Windows 8 drivers on your computer. Usually you can use Windows Update to update your drivers and if it is not performing the task, then you can follow the below instructions.

Get updates from the developer’s website

Normally, the developers halt the support for older version computers. However, a few have released special update editions of drivers for Windows 8 computers. You should figure out the model type or number of your computer or press Windows Key + Pause simultaneously to locate it. When you navigate to the developer’s website, use this model type or number to figure out the latest updates associated with your system.

Get updates from hardware’s website

Even if some of the systems demand its update via a manufacturer website, Windows 8 drivers are also available on the hardware’s website. You can also attempt to install the updated versions of Windows 7 drivers and check if it is working.

Compatibility mode driver installation

At times, drivers may detect Windows 8 during the launch and crash afterwards. Even if it is the correct driver, it cannot recognize the OS and therefore it will not function. In that case, you should run the compatibility mode to fix this issue. You should perform the following steps to activate that mode.

  1. Choose the Setup file of the diver, right click on it, and select Properties.
  2. Choose Run This Program in Compatibility Mode For from the Compatibility section.
  3. From the drop down options, select Windows 7 and press OK.

Once you perform the above steps, re-start the installation and it should install without any issues.