How To Install Unsigned Drivers In Windows 8

Microsoft, with the release of Windows 7 made it mandatory to have all the 64-bit drivers to be signed. Prior to this, it was only a recommendation. However, with Widows 7, a power user could easily bypass this requirement and go ahead with the installation of unsigned drivers. Nevertheless, with the release of Windows 8, Microsoft has raised standards to ensure that manufacturers provide users only with trusted verified codes. This is done in order to prevent malicious manufacturers giving you unsigned drivers. Despite this, certain manufacturers still do not sign their drivers. For those of you who have such unsigned Windows 8 drivers, read on to know how you can install them anyway.  

Rebooting in Advanced mode

With Windows 8, the advanced boot options are handled from within the Windows and one of the advanced boot options allows you to install unsigned drivers. The easiest way to access the advanced boot menu would be to shut down from the command prompt. Use Windows+X or alternatively right click the bottom left of your screen to obtain the power user menu. Choose Command Prompt (Admin) from this menu. In the administrator command prompt that comes up, type ‘shutdown /r /o

Now, Windows will ask you what course of action you wish to take. Choose Troubleshoot and then select the Advanced Options. After that, select Startup Settings. Now press the Restart button to reboot your PC. This will present before you the Advanced Startup options and choose the Disable driver signature enforcement options here. Windows will now boot normally, keeping the option in place.

Once you choose the option to allow unsigned drivers, you can carry on the installation as usual (using the installer or the .inf). Even though it is not in safe mode, it will still lift a restriction and do not worry; it will stick around for another reboot. You will be given a warning, but you will still be given the option to carry out the installation anyway.

Now you know how to install unsigned 64-bit Windows 8 drivers on your system. This is only a work around when the OEM does not sign their stuff properly. You should only encounter this while testing beta stuff. Inform your OEM if you run into it with production drivers. In case of any queries regarding the same, contact the Windows 8 support team for instant help.