Lenovo May Soon Become Numero Uno

The latest convertibles launched by Lenovo seem like a good move by the company. This may prove to be a turning point for the company’s steep rise among the newly launched Windows 8 range of devices.

Lenovo is very likely to reach the top spot as far as the global PC markets are concerned. They may even put Hewlett Packard behind in the long run.  Most of the US markets are not all that aware of this particular brand of computers in spite of the fact that Lenovo emerged at number four position among PC makers some time back. It holds its own for being the only one in the top four to achieve a positive year-on-growth. This is noteworthy mainly because of the fact that the remaining PC market seems to be going through a dull phase. Lenovo is now focusing on a campaign aimed at familiarizing users in the US about this brand.

About the New Move

Lenovo seems to be trying really hard to fully establish itself by launching four new convertibles which run Windows 8 drivers. These constitute devices which the company released at the time of an October 9 event in New York city. This includes the IdeaPad Yoga 13, Yoga 11, ThinkPad Twist and Idea Tab Lynx. Such devices turn, swivel, fold and transfer so as to allow multiple usage to computer users. Most of these are touch based and are designed so as to work with Windows 8. The company aims to project all four devices with a unified campaign that is expected to familiarize the brand all across the US and the world.

The Yoga devices are said to have a 360 degree hinge. You can open this all the way back. It lets the user fold the screen right back.

You will not even have to swivel it. This functions quite well with what Lenovo refers to as the Tent mode. This is where the screen is turned back enough so as to form an inverted V. This comes in handy as far as presentations and movies are concerned. There also happens to be the stand mode. This is where the keyboard faces down. You will see that the hinge is pointed at the user. The screen is tilted toward the back. This makes it easy to stay focused primarily on the screen. You will be able to watch movies and use apps even if you are in a cramped space.

I am sure you can now understand why the convertibles launched by Lenovo which work with Windows 8 drivers is a pretty good step.