Repairing corrupted MS Word files

These are some instructions recommended by the Microsoft tech support team to repair damaged Microsoft Word files.

Instructions to repair corrupted files

Follow the instructions given below in order to repair corrupted files that you are able to open.

  • Go to the “File” menu and then select the “Open” option. From the dialog box, select the name of the file that you want to open and then hold down the “Open” button located at the bottom of the screen till a drop down menu is displayed. Select the “Open and Repair” option.
  • Try to save the document as “rich text format” or as a web file as these are the types of files that support formatting. Close the file and then re-open it in Microsoft Word. Save the file as .doc file this time.
  • Launch a new document in the Microsoft Word and then click on the “File” button. Select the “Insert” option from the File menu and then locate the corrupted files. Keep in mind that, while you may be able to open the file, you may lose any tracked changes and Page setup settings.
  • Try to open the corrupted file in another word processor such as Word perfect, text pad or Open Office.
  • If you are sure that the file has become corrupted due the presence of a certain graphic, chart or table, copy everything else into a new document and after that save it. You can now see that the file has become undamaged although you have lost a part of your project.

Follow the instructions given below to repair a corrupt file that you are not able to open.

  • Open the file in draft mode without updating the links and then click on the “View” button. Select the “Normal” option from the View menu.
  • From the “Tools” menu, select the “Options” button to open a dialog box with various tabs displayed in it.
  • Select the “View” button and ensure that there is a check mark in the checkboxes next to “picture placeholders” and draft corrupted Word files repaired font”.
  • Click on the “General” option and then ensure that the checkbox next to “update automatic links at open” is unchecked.
  • Finally, click on the “Ok” option,

Follow these instructions from the Microsoft tech support to repair corrupted Microsoft Word files.