Using Your Network Adapter With Windows 8

A TP-Link network adapter serves the purpose of connecting your computer or laptop to a wireless network and helps you to get access to the internet. Most of the TP-Link adapters are compatible with the latest version of Windows, the Windows 8. By following the below mentioned steps, you can install TP-Link network adapters on Windows 8 with ease.

Steps Involved


  • Windows 8 has an integration feature with most of the adapter drivers, so most of the adapters are Plug & Play and you do not have to download separate Windows 8 drivers for the adapter. When a Plug & Play adapter is inserted in your Windows 8 system, a pop up message will appear.
  • The window will be closed automatically after the installation process is complete.
  • When the installation is complete, you may see some changes like,
  1. The adapter has an LED light, which begins to flash.
  2. When the network cable is unplugged from the computer, the wireless network connection icon will be visible at the bottom right corner of the screen. To see the wireless network list, you need to click on it.
  3. Click on the Manage option that is present when you right click the My Computer icon. In that, the device manager option will be present. Now choose the network adapters and the adapter, which you have recently installed. Click on the Yes option if you want to type in the administrator password.
  4. If the network adapter is not successfully installed, among the other devices you will see the uninstalled network adapter. You have to check the compatibility list and download the Windows 8 drivers from the list if the Windows 8 automatic installation fails and then you can make use of this guide to install the driver manually.

How to connect to the wireless network

  • At the right bottom corner of the screen, the Wireless icon will be visible and you will have to click on it.
  • Select your required wireless network from the pop up window that appears and click on the connect option. It is always advisable that you select the Connect Automatically option.
  • You have to enter the wireless password and click on the Next option.
  • According to your choice, you can click Yes or No.

After you have successfully followed these steps, your system will be able to connect to the wireless network with the help of the TP-Link network adapter.