ASMT 2105 USB Device Hard Disk Drive Drivers

The scam driver sites have lots of downloads of Malware for this ASMT 2105 device that may come up in the device manager or BIOS configuration screen. If you have plugged an external SSD/Optical drive that uses a USB interface to connect it will most likely be using the Asmedia ASM-2105 Chip to convert SATA to USB.

Common causes of this problem:

  • Hard Disk/ Optical Drive isn’t compatible with the ASM-2105 Chipset.
  • The power going to the drive isn’t ample to power up the connected device.
  • The drive is corrupt, mechanical failure.



  • Firmware update for your particular drive.
  • Connect the drive to a computer with an actual SATA port.

Unfortunately there is no quick fix for this such as installing a driver.


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