Farassoo FC-1440 Webcam Drivers

Below are the drivers for the Farassoo FC-1440 Webcam Drivers

USB CMOS Camera with 300 K Resolutions
30fps Video Image at VGA
Ideal for Video Mail, Video Conference & Video Chatting
Attachable Versatile Clip (Ideal for Note Books & LCD Monitors)
Best for MSN Messenger & Yahoo Messenger
Built in Microphone
Snapshot Key

Basic Specs:

Product Category: PC Camera
Sensor/Resolution: CMOS with 300K Pixels
Video Frame Rare: Max 30 frames per second at VGA (640*480)
H/W Snap Shot: Yes
Built-in Microphone: Yes
Power Supply / Interface: USB Cable
OS Supply: Microsoft Windows
Application Included:
File Format: BMP, JPEG, AVI



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