Farassoo FC-1540 Webcam Drivers


USB CMOS Camera with 300K Pixels

10-15 fps Video Image at VGA

20-30 fps at CIF

Ideal for MSN / Yahoo! Messenger & NetMeeting

Designed for Both Desktop & NB Use

Precise Focus Tuning

Record Audio & Video on PC

With Built-In Microphone



Basic Specs:



Full Specs/Additional configurations
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Product Category: PC Camera

Sensor / Resolution: CMOS with 300K Pixels (640 x 480)

Focus Range: Manual, 5cm - Infinity

Video Frame Rate: Max. 15 fps at VGA, Max. 30 fps at CIF

H / W Snap Shot: Yes

Built-In Microphone: Yes

Power Supply / Interface: USB 1.1 Cable Work with USB 2.0 Port

OS Supply: 98 / SE / ME / 2000 / XP

Application Included: Photo Explorer 8.0 SE Basic

Cool 360 1.0

Adobe Reader 6.0.1

File Format: BMP, AVI

Gross Weight: 188 gr

Dimensions: 46 (W) x 90 (H) x 55 (D) mm