Logitech V-UAM14A Webcam Driver

The Logitech V-UAM14A Webcam is a reliable and versatile camera designed for various multimedia applications, including video conferencing, live streaming, and online chatting. With its compact and adjustable design, it offers flexibility for positioning and capturing the desired angle. Featuring high-quality optics and advanced imaging technology, it delivers clear and sharp video footage with vibrant colors and accurate detail. Equipped with a built-in microphone, it ensures clear and crisp audio transmission, enhancing communication during video calls and recordings. With plug-and-play functionality, it offers easy setup and compatibility with a wide range of operating systems and software applications. Overall, the Logitech V-UAM14A Webcam is a dependable choice for users seeking a high-quality webcam for multimedia purposes.

Basic Specs:
  • Logitech 961410-0403 QuickCam Communicate STX Webcam General Features:
  • High quality VGA sensor with RightLight Technology Video capture up to 640 x 480
  • Still image capture: Up to 1.3 megapixel with software enhancement
  • Built-in microphone with RightSound Technology Up to 30 frames per second with recommended system
  • Adjustable base fits any monitor or notebook