Windows 11 - What's happening with Windows 11?

Will there be a Windows version 11? What is going to happen to Windows 10?

So Microsoft has sadly moved away from the old fashioned OS that we have enjoyed over the last 3 decades to service model. Windows 10 will be around for a long time and most likely will never get to a say stage because the branding will simply be “Windows” and you will pay a subscription to use it like Netflix. Windows is quickly becoming much like the version of Windows 10 that is on the XBOX One game console. Access to common elements like office will become that of the “Game Pass” that has been very popular on the XBOX One.

From all the research that can be found on the Internet there is no reason to think that the will be a branded version of Windows 11 in a box sitting on a shelf. It would be kind of cool if there was because Apple has been branding there OS 10 for nearly 20 years now and it would be funny if Microsoft beat them to the punch version wise.

I personally think, it would be in Microsoft’s  best interested to give away Windows 10 like they did in the early days, and sell a “Software Pass” like on the Xbox One, they will make a ton of money.

Having said that, I want it to go back to the way it was in the old days.